Bursan Security is a company dedicated to providing, Custody of Merchandise, Private Neighborhoods, Companies, People V.I.P., Public and Private Institutions, with highly trained guards for the protection of your company.

Physical Security Service

Our focus is PREVENTION, satisfying the need for tranquility and trust, providing a comprehensive security advisory service, aimed at providing surveillance services to a vast diversity of clients, which include supermarkets, large companies, SMEs, businesses, official entities, schools, consortia, and private homes.

Professional service

Our guards have first aid instruction, training and training to carry out surveillance and control activities in our clients’ facilities. The essential and differentiating characteristic of our staff lies in the age, experience, background and exhaustive level of training required of the guards, which guarantees a HIGH SENSE OF DUTY, a quality that in extreme cases such as highly complex claims is vital to safeguard the people and goods that are entrusted to BURSAN SECURITY.

Vulnerability Study

An analysis of critical points in your company is carried out at no cost to the client, prepared and analyzed by security experts with the capacity to design studies, audits and internal investigations of illegal acts.

Security Guard with drone management

Advances in technology have made drones a new surveillance tool for your business and facilities.

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