Pest control: a safe and effective service


Diario El Sur, edición 26 diciembre 2019.

Andrés Quiñones, Bursan Empresas

For Andrés Quiñones, head of the Bursan Pest Control area, informing customers about the service to be delivered is one of the most important aspects when carrying out a disinsection process. “Before carrying out any procedure, we carry out a technical evaluation where the particular situation of the client is analyzed.

Likewise, they are given a folder with the steps to follow, because in the event of an emergency it is necessary for them to know what to do, ”the expert explained.

Bursan Empresas has more than 10 years of experience in the outsourcing business, characterized by its professionalism in the various lines it offers. Regarding pest control, the brand provides three services: sanitization, disinsection and deratization. The first, seeks to eliminate all types of fungi, bacteria and viruses, guaranteeing the hygiene of the premises in question.

On the other hand, disinsection seeks to protect the environmental health of the various establishments, through preventive and curative control against all types of insects. Finally, the purpose of the deratization process is to generate a preventive and corrective control of all the affected places quickly and effectively.

In this context, Quiñones explained that to deliver an optimal and quality service, there is a group of properly trained workers. “The Health Service asks us that all technicians are trained by a qualified company to be able to perform in the area of ​​pest control, each technician has adequate training, in order to face the problem that the client has in the best way”, He said.

Although its services are aimed at companies, it is also possible to carry them out in private homes. “We have the issue of bird control in private homes. Now the theme of the dove is being seen a lot. Due to the season we are in, and due to the temperatures, many corner spiders, ticks and fleas appear ”, the area manager explained.

For this reason, he affirmed that informing clients about the procedures and their characteristics is one of the most important steps of the service. “Sometimes they have fleas and they come from outside, for example. ç

That kind of thing, people don’t necessarily handle it, so it is. It is necessary to explain the processes to them and adapt the service to their needs ”, he closed.

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