Grooming and decoration

Grooming and decoration

At BURSAN Aseo y Ornato we know that what you need are TRUSTED people who do their job while you take care of yours, so we prepare people with a sense of CONFIDENTIALITY according to the environment in which they operate and we firmly believe in power. of WORK as the main means to achieve the satisfaction of our clients.

Cleaning of facilities and dependencies

The Service consists of cleaning offices, hall, meeting rooms, corridors, common areas or areas, windows, curtains, furniture, accessories, removal and emptying of wastebaskets, among others.

Sanitized bathroom toilet

We clean appliances (urinals, toilets), floors, walls, mirrors or others that are inside the bathrooms.


The arrangement or changes of location of plants that are inside the company and their maintenance, installation of flags, support with decorating and preparation of rooms or places for parties and / or celebrations that the company carries out.

Preparation of meeting rooms for activities

Have elements and accessories, for a pleasant and pleasant meeting, birthdays, celebrations that the company carries out.


Control and supervise the facilities periodically, ensuring that the service complies with what is required by the Client. It also conducts training, reinforcement of operational and risk prevention instructions and other any other requirement by the Client to maintain an excellent service.

Gardening and maintenance of Green Areas

Gardens and green areas, indoors and outdoors, are delicate spaces and their correct maintenance, protection and conservation to offer a better image of your Company.
Gardening and Maintenance of Green Areas Service
The Green Areas Maintenance Service will have as its main task that the lawns are healthy and presentable, either by their daily irrigation, their lawn mowing, removing garbage, residues, generating a compost and / or fertilization plan, as well as to put meadow seeds to recover current sectors without grass or with grass in poor condition, always in consultation with the client since the latter will have an additional (minor) charge.
The main task of the Weeding Service will have the main task of maintaining the areas, places, corridors without weeds to avoid obstructing the view of the pipelines of the productive area as well as the security and emergency area, as well as keeping the perimeter sectors of the facility free of weeds ( side of tambourines) and outline of Red Húmeda pool. In addition to keeping the pedestrian traffic corridors clear of weeds to avoid falls at the same level, helping to reduce the risks of accidents and contributing to the safety of the company.
The Pruning Service will be carried out on the bushes and trees that are inside the facilities, among others, it will be to eliminate branches in poor condition and avoid falls with the consequence of hitting people or vehicles, to prevent signs and signs from being clogged. lighting of corridors or roads, to avoid their uncontrolled growth, generating risks due to the increase of roots and that are leaving the designated space generating the risk of tripping of people, to avoid an increase in height and leafiness that will put at risk of falling of thick branches in storms on people or vehicles.
The maintenance and care of flowers will be a task of daily action and vigilance to prevent them from losing their beauty, performing daily watering, removing detected weeds, generating perimeter closures to prevent them from being stepped on by people or dogs, removing dead leaves, among others.

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